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Releasing potential and developing bright young people to be the best that they can be

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The Foundation was set up by the Hall family with Michael Hall as the founder. The foundation is dedicated to working with talented young people and has recognised that there is a gap in the global workplace for them.


We want to work with young people who have an amazing work ethic and have no access to funding their further education. We aim to help them use industry and commerce to create that vehicle for them.


We work with a wide range of organisations to reach young people and provide them with varied and accessible opportunities to learn, enabling them to develop their skills and gain confidence. We work across the UK whether in partnership with other charities or leading innovation in the corporate and public sector we remain true to our aim of giving all young people the chance to realise their potential, raise their aspirations and have their achievements recognised.


The Halls Foundation is dedicated to inclusivity and we want to unearth real talent from communities where the opportunities may be limited.

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michael hallAbout our Founder

Michael Hall

‘In recent press young people have been given a negative press quite often referred to as ‘an issue’ or something to look at’. We want to change that view especially amongst our communities most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. My ethos is to help make a difference. As a parent to four teenagers myself I can see the advantages of giving young people the time, attention and encouragement they need to help them to be successful adults.’


Our Mission

Some young people may not have been given the same opportunities as children from more advantaged backgrounds. These are not young boys and girls that do not want to learn – but rather those who just have not been given the chance to make a difference to their lives. We aim to help make that difference for them.

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Watch us on Youtube

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Countdown to Our next Charity Ride 5th Sept 2015 – London to Brighton


London to Brighton Bike Ride

Join us

on our next ride Sunday 6th September 2015.